On Off Bemanning 

  • We have all HR responsibilites 
  • We have all insurances and permits for all three parties in the On Off-model
  • We ensure that all rules are followed, and we support the principal with the necessary framework and regulations for hiring.
  • We are available 24/7



  • The employee should always be satisfied with us
  • We have the overview at all times
  • We know our employees' experience, expertise and personalities
  • We make arrangements, accomodation and coordination of arrival and departure
  • We have the industry's best monitoring and follow-up of our own employees


  • Our clients generate greater value and competitiveness by hiring from us
  • We offer flexibility, and variable and competitive salaries
  • We have clear responsibilities between the principal and On Off Bemanning
  • Our clients run minimal financial risk
  • We plan staffing together with our clients